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Company Value: Innovate development Pursue excellence
Company Spirit: Pioneering, Innovation, Reality, Dedication<br /General Objectives: New products, good benefit, large contribution, rich staff
Market idea: Today’s quality is tomorrow’s market, company’s reputation is intangible market, and satisfaction of customers is everlasting market.
Management idea: Field management——normalization; quality management——standardization;
                  Cost management ——marketization; marketing management——networking;
                    Integrated management---humanization
Quality Idea: Qualified product is our responsibility, and excellent quality is our contribution;
Idea of Valuing Talents: Talent is the most valuable asset of enterprises. Enterprises provide opportunities for employees, while employees create asset for enterprises.
Idea of Selecting Talents: The most senior and famous people are not necessarily used, but the most needed and practical talents are used.
Idea of Cultivating Talents: Change thinking more yet change talents less; recruit talents with a tolerant heart, cultivate talents with care; cultivate both “economic men” and high-level “moral men”.
Idea of Using Talents: Recruit sincerely, use talents practically; the stage varies with your talent.
Sense of Responsibility for Employees: Think what employees think, worry what employees worry, and solve what is difficult for employees.
Sense of Responsibility for Partners: Mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, common growth.