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Site notice: Welcome to Qingzhou Changda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., this is a large placer manufacturer integrating scientific research and development, engineering design, production installation and debugging service. Website: www.chinacdjx.com, freephone: 400-061-7866, welcome new and old customers to call us, we will do our best to serve you!

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Company Name:Qingzhou Changda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Nationwide Freephone:400-061-7866
Sales Department I: 0536-3830338   13953606623
Sales Department II:0536-3830337   13869619092
After-sales Service:18663630775
Customer Service QQ:139536066
Contactor: Manager Liu
Postal Code: 262500
Address: Huanglou Sub-district Office, Qingzhou, Shandong